We are a manufacturer and distributor of Real Estate marketing products and hardware to help Real Estate Agents to promote their properties and themselves.  We specialize in customized products with unique colors...our manufacturing and powder coating facilities are at your disposal

The reason why we exist is to help Real Estate Agents to get more listings, to sell more properties, and ultimately, to make more money.  All of our product development, operations, and manufacturing efforts are geared toward that end. We do this by creating and distributing products that help you to establish your image and brand by attracting attention to you and your listings in a positive way.

Wholesale pricing is available to companies that offer services to Realtors® including sign printing shops and real estate sign installation companies. Click here to learn more about wholesale pricing.

We ship to all areas of Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and the Great White North

Customer Reviews

"Just received my first order from you. I must say that from the website layout, to the product descriptions, to the videos explaining sign installation, to the pre-sale question I had, to the delivery time, to the packaging. It has been an absolute pleasure. Thanks and keep up the good work." Richard Robibero Broker, Panorama R.E. Limited, Toronto, Ontario

"This is our first investment property and our first sign / post. Everything was perfect ... all the parts fit and lined up great. Demo video was good. Overall very impressed - will certainly recommend you to others!" P. Patel