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Open House Sign Frame

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Holds a double sided 18" tall x 24" wide sign.

Color: White


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Sign requirements:

Your sign should be exactly 18" tall x 24" wide.  If your signs are bigger or smaller than that they will not work properly.  You don't need any holes in your signs.  Stock frames are designed to hold 4 mm coroplast or 3 mm (1/8") Aluminum Composite Material (AKA, Dibond, ACM) or any other substrate less than 4 mm thick.  We can custom make these frames to hold different sized signs and substrates so we can probably accommodate you if you have different requirements.


We can powder coat these frames black, white, grey, blue, red, and custom colors. 

Top Sign Rider:  You can add an optional rider sign to the top of these frames

  • Included - Coro pins for 4 mm coroplast rider signs.  A pair are included with the each frame.  These pins screw into threaded inserts on the top of the frame, the flutes of your 4 mm coroplast sign slides over the pins (these only work with 4 mm coroplast signs).
  • Optional - Sign Rider Clips.  These can be screwed to the top of the frame and will hold sign substrates up 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick, you will need these for Aluminum Composite material top rider signs or any other substrate up to 6 mm thick.

Assembly and installation

We strongly encourage to watch the video as the installation and assembly instructions below will make a lot more sense and assembly will be a piece of cake.  These frames are simple to put together and and only require 4 bolts. You will need a standard screwdriver (or a drill is faster) with a Phillips head (medium or large + shape) or a Robertson (medium square head). 

  • Attach the bottom rail to one side post.  tighten the bolt completely
  • insert your sign into the slot in the bottom rail and the side post.
  • Attach the other side post to the bottom rail and tighten the bolt.
  • Slide the top rail over the side posts and the sign, tighten the bolts
  • Align the push button on the feet with the holes in the bottom of the side posts.  Insert the feet into the bottom of the side posts.
  • HINT: You may want to weigh these down with a sandbag or other method in windy areas.