Website Security

The privacy and security of your account information are very important to us. uses the following features and technologies to help ensure the security of your personal information during online transactions.

Web browser encryption: We use SSL certificates to secure and encrypt all pages on this site.  To access your accounts through, your web browser must support certain encryption protocols. These technologies provide the security and privacy when you access account information, initiate online account transactions, or send secure messages.

Secure Payment Processing:  We use for all payment processing.  All information transmitted to through this website is encrypted with the latest technology.  We do not store any credit card information on our website

User name and password protection: The length and complexity of your username and password are designed to prevent unauthorized access. After multiple unsuccessful logon attempts, your account will be disabled as a precaution. If your account is disabled, you will be instructed on how access may be restored.

A timeout feature: Secure areas of our site have built-in timers that terminate your access after a specified amount of time with no activity to help reduce the possibility of unauthorized access from an unattended computer. When you finish viewing your account information, log off the site and close your browser.

In addition to these safeguards, we will never: Send an email asking for your personal account information. Ask for your web password in an email or request it via the phone or U.S. mail. Display a popup warning or security alert when you log on if you've kept your Web browser up to date. If you do encounter a logon security message, close the window and ensure your computer anti-virus is up to date and computer patches are current.