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Real Estate Sign Post - Vinyl

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Heavy Duty Sign Post.  This white vinyl real estate sign post comes with a 4x4 vinyl post post, arm, 3 eye bolts, 3 safety pin clips, 1 wire retainer, 2 sign rider clips with screws, post and arm caps and a heavy duty steel stake...everything you need to set up and hang your sign.

Height: 72"
Arm: Med-sign up to 32" wide


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Heavy Duty Sign Post.  

The post is 4" x 4".  The shorter arm 35" x 2" x 3 1/2"  will hold a sign up to 24" wide, a larger arm (47" long) is also available that will hold signs up to 36" wide. Made from new PVC vinyl...won't rot, fade or warp. Easy to install.



Fasteners to hang your signs are placed in multiple locations in order to accommodate as many configurations and sign sizes as possible . For the short arm grommets on your sign may be spaced at 16" or 20" apart, on the longer arm grommets could be placed at 16", or 24" apart and centered on the top of the sign. 2 eye bolts and 2 safety pin clips are included to hang your real estate sign. If you need custom fastener spacing please leave a note below.

Swing Restraint Fasteners fasteners are also included. These are used to attach the side of your sign to the vertical post to prevent it from swinging in the wind. The stock location of the swing restraint fasteners would correspond to a grommet 17" (inches) down from the top of your sign. 1 eye bolt and 1 safety pin clip are included for swing restraint. If you have different requirements please leave a note below.