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Modern Sign Frame

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Modern Real Estate Sign Frame. Available in many sizes and configurations. Made from White Vinyl PVC.

The main sign panel in the photo is 24" wide x 30" tall.  The top and bottom rider panels should be 6" tall x the width of the main sign panel

These sign frames are custom built to fit your signs.  Please allow approximately 1 week for fabrication.

Main panel width: 24"
Main panel height: 30"


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Grommet placement on your signs:

For signs up to 24" wide place your grommets (holes) 16" apart on the top and bottom of the signs that will go within the frame.  For signs over 25 inches wide place your grommets on the top and bottom of the sign spaced at 24 inches apart.   The topper sign does not need grommets or holes.   If you require custom fastener locations please leave a note on the checkout page.

Comes with 2 vertical posts, 3 horizontal rails. 6 rail brackets that come attached to the posts, 2 post caps, 2 ground steel ground anchors, 8 safety pin clips, 8 eye bolts, 2 sign rider clips, and the screws to fasten everything together.  You will need a drill with a phillips head bit to assemble the product.

Sign Grommet placement for the modern frame

Assembly and Installation:


  1. Put the cover plates onto the rails and then screw the rails to the brackets on the posts.  Attach the cover plates to the brackets on the posts.  NOTE: the 2 rails with 1 set of threaded insert grommets that attach to your sign go in the top and bottom locations of the frame.  The rail with a set of grommets on the top and bottom goes in the middle location. Place the caps on the posts.  Screw the sign rider clips to the top of the top rail.
  2. To install pound the anchors into the ground, aligning them with the posts.  Slide the assembled frame over the anchors.
  3. Attach your signs to the frame using the the eye bolts and safety pin clips


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